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Designed to suit virtually any agricultural machine type, make and model, the AGS-2 receiver and steering controller combines field-proven steering with leading network reception and tracking. Fully capable in any application, the AGS-2 comes standard with DGNSS correction services and is easily upgradeable to leading accuracy utilizing NTRIP and the optional RTK radio in the Topcon CL-55 cloud connectivity device.


Designed with Skybridge RTK assist technology, the AGS-2 provides better satellite tracking and RTK float transitions for consistent accuracy during impacted conditions. Combine it with our premium user interface through Horizon OS and X-Family consoles, which feature easy-to-use “pay for need” capabilities and access to the full range of sensing and control technology. The AGS-2 is the ideal receiver for any application requiring auto-steering, with the added benefit of positioning-data for associated tasks.

  • Leading channel/constellation reception and tracking (226 Universal Tracking Channels™ technology)
  • Scalable accuracy, including access to a full range of correction services
  • RTK assist technology (Topnet Live Skybridge)
  • Leading-edge hardware (latest chipset, IP6K rating)
  • Powerful Horizon OS when coupled with our X-Family consoles
  • Interface flexibility (ISO-UT, NMEA0183, and NMEA2000)
  • Suite of compatible Topcon solutions
  • Integrated steering controller

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Corrective Service Options

Take a closer look at our correction services suite and see for yourself how these technologies handle any operation, any application, any machine. Whether your system is local or network-based, get complete details on customized solutions for your specific needs here.

How precise do you need to be?

The key to any precision farming solution is the correct accuracy for the job at hand.

Topcon pioneered multi-constellation GNSS pinpoint positioning and has supported the global industry standards – ISO protocol, from the start.

Pick the accuracy you need based on your field applications and/or crop types and the Topcon modular platform technology will let you get the job done quickly, easily and for less monetary outlay.

Topnet Live

Designed to meet the unique needs of our customers by providing reliability and accurate positioning.

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