Topcon announces upgrade to SAS system for asphalt paving

Topcon announces upgrade to SAS system for asphalt paving

LIVERMORE, Calif. – September 15, 2016 – Topcon Positioning Group announces an upgrade to its sonic averaging system (SAS) for asphalt paving — Smoothtrac. The new system is designed to facilitate installation, adjustability and expandability.

The system now uses tow arm brackets that fit the predrilled hole-patterns on the tow arms for most new pavers from the factory. “These new bolt-on brackets eliminate the need for welding on the tow arms, which speeds up the install,” said Bill Painter, senior manager, 3D and 2D machine control paving products. “Simply bolt on the bracket, slide on the SAS and pave. When you are ready to transport, you can easily fold it up to the side of the machine and go.”

Also new to the sonic tracker system is height adjustability.

“With the upgrade, crews will spend less time setting up the SAS every morning or when changing applications with the adjustable height bracket,” said Painter. “It eliminates the need to keep moving the SAS beam up and down to get the perfect tracker setup — just quickly adjust the individual tracker and get to work.”

Additional features include an optional extension kit to adjust the total length of the SAS beam to 30 feet. The new SAS kit is fully compatible with the ST-3 sonic tracker.

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