Pocket 3D: Data File Structure

An overview of Topcon's 3D data file structure

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Pocket 3D: Data File Structure

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Topcon Data Files

Topcon's 3D Machine Control systems use a single project file (*.TP3) to organize all of the data.

This Project file can be comprised of many types of data such as:

  • Surfaces
  • Alignments
  • Points
  • Linework
  • Control Points/Localization

The Topcon Project file acts like a container or a cabinet.  The user can move the entire project file from one device to another.  When doing so, everything inside the project migrates from one device to another.

Each type of data acts like a folder.  There is a folder for TIN surfaces, another for points, another for linework, etc.  These folders exist inside the "data cabinet" that is the TP3 file.

Each folder contains sheets of paper that refers to different information.  One page may be a revision to the parking lot.  Another may be a drainage ditch alignment that has been added after the dirt work has started on the jobsite.

These are all contained inside the appropriate folder.

This project file can be used in any of Topcon's 3D machine control systems.

The same file you use in your X-53i excavator system can also be used in your dual mmGPS asphalt paver system.

Individual files can also be imported and exported from the project file.

Surface revisions, revised linework or new stakeout points can be easily imported from Topcon file formats or common third-party software formats.