Pocket3D: Create points - Alignment

This guide will show you how to create points using an alignment that was already created in our job file. It will go over briefly how to create points from an alignment as well as highlight some of the features such as offsetting created points and editing the interval at which points are created. 

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Pocket3D: Create points - Alignment

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  • In order to create points from an allignment we need to first make sure that we have our allignment selected in our job file. 
  • Select 'Data' at the bottom tab and then  select 'Allignments'.
  • Select the section that says 'Lakeside Rd Align...' 

Note that if you did not already have an allignment selected this area would say 'None'

  • From here you will see your list of all the allignments you have saved for this job.
  • For our example we want to select the 'Lakeside Rd Align' as our active alignment. 
  • Once we have selected our active alignment we want to go select 'Data' and then 'Calc wizard' to pull up the optins to convert an allignment into points. 
  • Under 'Calculation type' select 'Convert alignments to points'.
  • On this page you have a variety of options to edit the points you want to create from your alignment including:
    • Start and end point 
    • The interval in which you want to create points 
    • Which feature from the alignment you want to create points along
    • Horizontal and vertical offsets 
  • The boxes outlined here show you that you can change the interval distance along a certain feature of the alignment.
  • If you wanted to create your points along a feature that was not the centerline you have the option to do that. 
  • After selecting 'Next' at the bottom of the screen you will have a second windom pop up that shows a preview of the points you are about to create. This preview is based on the parameters you set on the previous page. 
  • On this page you can determine what number you want your points to start from. In this case the first number will be labeled 43 as we previously had points created on this job file. We can also choose the layer we want to store these points in. For our example we will store them in the 'align points' layer.
  • After you select 'Finish' at the bottom of the screen you will now be able to see the points you created from your allignment. 
  • If we wanted to create a set of points that were offset to our allignment by 10' to the right, we could modify the 'Extra H. Offset' box. (Note that if we wanted to shift it to the left ten feet we would enter -10.00').
  • Notice now with those changes in parameters we can now see that we have created points with a 10' offset from the centerline of our alignment.