Sirius Pro: Breakdown

How to properly disassemble the UAV for safe storage and transport

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Sirius Pro: Breakdown

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UAV Disassembly

  • For details on aircraft disassembly, please refer to the UAV disassembly checklist in section 4.2.8 of the MAVinci user’s manual.
  • {PIC} Remove the motor security lock band around the propellers and remove the UAV cockpit canopy.
  • {PIC} Disconnect and remove the UAV LiPo battery. 
  • {PIC} Replace the UAV cockpit canopy and replace the motor security lock band around the propellers.
  • {PIC} Power off the RC controller. 

UAV Disassembly

  • {PIC} Return the remaining wing to the transport case.
  • {PIC} Pick up the UAV fuselage and firmly place the nose of the fuselage onto the user’s shoe.
  • {PIC} Disconnect the electrical connectors for the horizontal and vertical stabilizers.
  • {PIC} Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the airfoil screws and fasteners used to secure the stabilizers.
  • {PIC} Return the horizontal and vertical stabilizer to the transport case.

{PIC} Replace the plastic sleeve around the fuselage.

  • {PIC} Return the UAV fuselage to the transport case.
  • {PIC or VO/FA} Return the RC controller to the transport case. 
  • {PIC or VO/FA} Return all airfoil screws and fasteners to the transport case.
  • {PIC or VO/FA} Return any used LiPo batteries to the transport case or spare parts kit case. 

WLAN Connector

  • {VO/FA} Disconnect the coaxial GNSS antenna cable from the WLAN Connector and GNSS Antenna. 
  • {VO/FA} Remove the GNSS antenna from it’s tripod and return to the transport case (or where stored).
  • {VO/FA} Disconnect the LiPo battery from the WLAN Connector.
  • {VO/FA} Return the used LiPo battery to the transport case or spare parts kit case.
  • {VO/FA} Return the WLAN Connector to the case.

Transport Case

  • {PIC or VO/FA} Double check all UAS items have been return to their respective locations in the transport case.
    • Check against the Package check in this presentation.
  • {PIC or VO/FA} Once finished, return the foam inlays back into the transport case, covering the UAV components.
  • {PIC or VO/FA} Close the transport case. 
  • UAS Disassembly complete.