Bauma 2019: Increasing efficiencies through automation in excavation

The expectation for construction projects to be completed as efficiently as possible is ever rising, with clients and contractors both looking for solutions to reduce project costs and timescales. This requirement means that the industry is continually looking for ways to mitigate error.

Today at bauma, Topcon announced it is making a further step towards complete automation as a solution to the problem, unveiling the new automated edition of its 3D modular aftermarket solution for excavation — the X-53x automatic.

The X-53x automatic has fingertip operation, with the system designed to provide automated depth control, minimising the risk of over-digging while maximising productivity, saving time and reducing costs with additional environmental benefits too, due to the potential reductions in fuel.

The automatic excavation system features a new calibration method that uses a total station to communicate wirelessly with the system, rather than typing in values manually – making it easier, faster, and less error prone — resulting in better outcomes on projects. At a time when there is a widespread lack of skilled operators, new technical solutions such as the X-53x automatic will also help to attract new talent to the industry.

The new system is being released alongside a new version of the Topcon Haul Truck application, which utilises an Android or iOS app that can be installed on a phone or tablet. It is designed to provide a complete cloud-based, real-time haul management and reporting infrastructure and pairs well with the new X-53x automatic for a more safe and integrated excavation and loading ecosystem.

Visitors to the Topcon stand in Hall A2, Booth 249 can find out more about the X-53x automatic from our team of experts.

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