MAGNET Collage V2: The Next Generation of Mass Data Processing Software

MAGNET Collage is Topcon Positioning’s single-environment software for processing, combining, visualising and performing analysis of point cloud and image-based data sets. Essentially, it brings multiple mass data sets together to improve the efficiency and accuracy of projects, accommodating a wide range of data sensors, including laser scanners, mobile scanning and mapping, road resurfacing scanners and photogrammetric point clouds.

With the software having already added value to countless projects by combining mobile and static scan data into one immersive 3D environment, we’ve now launched then next generation of the software, which includes a range of new features specifically to enhance horizontal construction workflows.

Here’s an overview of the key updates to the software and the benefits they’ll have for earthworks and civil infrastructure professionals.


Building on the software

MAGNET Collage has a strong foundation, with its fast processing speeds and unique ability to georeference and combine 3D construction data from diverse sources. It also combines civil, mapping, BIM and survey data, provides advanced matching and ground control functionality for a variety of sensors and compresses point clouds to facilitate import into third-party software.

New features of the software include automated ground surface extraction, point cloud density colour mapping, the ability to filter and fill TIN surfaces, TIN inclusion boundaries, alignments, cross section views, and dynamic scan calibration for the IP-S3 mobile mapping system. This enhanced dynamic scan capability has been engineered to further improve the accuracy of captured data and take mobile mapping to a new level.


What it means for operators

With automated ground surface extraction, operators will be able to easily remove buildings, vegetation, catenaries, cars, people, and other vertical objects from point clouds, and quickly isolate ground surfaces for modelling – potentially cutting data preparation time by more than 90 per cent.

What’s more, the MAGNET Collage update includes improvements designed to enhance interoperability with ClearEdge3D, Bentley Systems and Autodesk software. It can also export scans to the E57 format for improved compatibility with ClearEdge3D EdgeWise and Verity, as well as Bentley’s ContextCapture. Faster exporting to the RCS format will also improve data transfer with Autodesk ReCap.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of MAGNET Collage, we have a comprehensive online support platform, or you can get a demo to see the benefits for yourself.

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