Millimeter GPS

Get into the millimeter-level accuracy zone

GPS and laser accuracy for fine grading, milling, paving, and site survey

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Millimeter GPS combines GPS and laser tech to increase accuracy up to 300%

GPS is relatively accurate in determining a machine’s horizontal or surface position on a jobsite. Laser technology is well-suited for calculating the vertical position of the machine's blade, screed, or drum.

Millimeter GPS (mmGPS) combines the strengths of GNSS and laser technologies for accuracy gains up to 300% over GPS-only systems, while allowing multiple machines and rovers to operate in the same work zone using the same laser network.

Millimeter GPS also multiplies productivity by eliminating the use of string lines on paving projects or hubs in earthwork jobs to lay out work areas. This means you get to work and grade faster.

Millimeter GPS works on:

Motor graders


Dirt trimmers

Milling machines

Asphalt pavers

Concrete pavers

Slip form pavers

Work in the zone

Laser Zone™ — a unique coded laser — creates a grade control zone with all the advantages of satellite positioning technology and laser accuracy.

A full system features up to four “connected” transmitters that create a horizontal and vertical working zone. Stay within the zone and grade control is at a millimeter level. Outside the zone, grade control operates at a centimeter level.

Millimeter GPS is perfect for:

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