Field Controllers

Your window
into precision

Topcon controllers offer versatility and connectivity, combined with sunlight readable displays and rugged construction.

Get out of the office and into the field,
with the best gear you can get.

From pocket-sized to tablet, alphanumeric keys to touch screen, Topcon has the controller you want to use every day.

Easy Versatility
Easy Versatility

Topcon's controllers are fully loaded to meet the demand of today's modern jobsite. Built for any application, Topcon's controllers feature bright sunlight readable displays, integrated digital cameras, internal cellular modems and superior computing power.

Follow your own path, and we'll be right there.

Rugged Durability
Rugged Durability

A handheld computer on a job site? With Topcon controllers you get the powerful computing, in a rugged water- and dust-proof housing.

Our buttons and touchscreens know that you often wear gloves. It's a hard-knocks life, but your controller is a Topcon.

Complete Connectivity
Complete Connectivity

From Bluetooth® to WLAN to cellular, Topcon controllers offer a full range of connection options so you can work the way you want to work.

Not only can you operate your instruments cable-free, but wireless options provide the link to Topcon's web based services.

All Topcon field controllers offer bright color touchscreens, full connectivity,
long battery life and rugged construction for all-weather performance.


Capacitive multi-touchscreen controller

Portrait touch-screen controller

These Topcon field controllers are powerful mobile computers with full connectivity options
and raised, generous keys making all-weather keyboard use easy.

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