ZED Tunnel Guidance Solution

In the tunnelling industry, Pipe Jacking is the less glamorous, lower profile younger sibling of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). As TBM's gain prime time press coverage around the world for their incredible successes, such as on the UK’s London Crossrail project, pipe jacking machines are going about their business in every corner of the planet.

Much smaller in diameter, these are the preferred method of choice for installing new sewer, power and utility tunnels so there are thousands of these projects happening at any one time.

Navigating these through the earth has always fallen to survey techniques, however long distances and curved routes have traditionally caused problems for the piloting teams. 

Recently the UK based tunnel guidance experts ZED Tunnel Guidance developed a multi-station relay solution to tackle this challenge utilising Topcon total stations due to their superior performance. This video explains the application. These systems can be used anywhere and on any pipe jacking project.

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