Precision Navigation, Guidance, Automation and Asset Management

Topcon has the OEM technology for reliable precision in a multitude of applications and environments.

Imagine the Possibilities

Adding Topcon OEM GNSS satellite positioning technology to your high performance customer
solutions and systems can expand the available range of functionality, applications and markets.


Use world class Topcon technologies to support your application development. From GNSS sensors, to antennas and data links, we have the solutions that offer a competitive edge. Our R&D commitment has resulted in developing embedded algorithms and receiver design to ensure the most robust GNSS technology offering in the market today.


The product can be greater than the sum of the parts. With our team of integration experts we can ensure you get both the leading edge technology for your success and also the support required to achieve your integration goals.


Feature rich technology enables our products, and yours. Topcon is proud to be the world leader in advanced satellite positioning technology. As the original pioneer of dual-constellation and G3 triple-constellation integration, Topcon continues to lead all other manufacturers with the most sophisticated GNSS receiver technology and design.

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