IP-S3: Basic Training - Data Processing

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IP-S3: Basic Training - Data Processing

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Installing Mobile Master Office

  • Login to Topcon Total Care and download the current version of the Mobile Master Office software from the Support page. 
  • Install Mobile Master Office by launching the executable file “SetupMobileMasterOffice.exe”
  • After the Mobile Master Office installation setup has finished, insert the USB dongle included with the MMO product DVD. 
    • This USB dongle contains access codes for Mobile Master Office and the trajectory utility.

Mobile Master Office License Authentication

With the USB dongle inserted into the computer, open Mobile Master Office

  • Click FILE → LICENSE… to open the dialog shown
  • Confirm that the USB dongle is displayed in the “Device Keys” list
  • Enter the code for the “Access Code” item of the “Mobile Master Office License” → Click Activate
  • Enter the code for the “Access Code” item of the “Trajectory Utility License” → Click Activate
  • Confirm that “VAILD” is displayed for the Status and then Click OK

Basic Processing Flow

  • Import IP-S3 data into MMO
  • Perform trajectory estimation
  • Stitch panoramic images
  • Geo-Reference panoramic imagery
  • Generate Scans / colorize scans
  • Visualize & Analyze processed data

Adding IP-S3 Data into MMO

  • Add a run by selecting the Add Existing Run icon in the toolbar       
  • Browse to the location of the run, select the “raw.ipsx” file and then click Open
  • To begin post processing, right click on the run name and select IP-S3 Process. This will open a dialog screen with all the available processing options.

Trajectory Estimation - Import GNSS Data

  • Under the Trajectory tab, import GNSS base station data by selecting Add…
  • Select Choose… and browse to the base station file desired to be used, which corresponds to the same collection time as the IP-S3 data collection run. 
    • File type as *.tps or RINEX *.o

Trajectory Estimation - Add Base Profile

  • Under the Add or Edit Base Station dialog window, select Add… to create a new base station profile.
  • Base Profile Settings dialog window. 
    • Enter a name for the base ID
    • Enter the coordinates
    • Select the antenna type
    • Select the measurement type and set the height
    • Press OK once finished.

Trajectory Estimation - Processing

  • After selecting the base file and setting the base station profile, choose Loosely coupled as the combine method to be used.
  • Press Start to begin the trajectory estimation process

Processing Imagery

  • Navigate to the Image tab, ensure that the parameters for stitching the panoramic imagery are set to the following:
    • Quality = High
    • Algorithm = High Quality Linear
    • Resolution = 8000 x 4000
  • Press Start to begin the panoramic stitching process.
  • To geo-reference the imagery to the processed trajectory press Start in the ‘Posed panoramic image’ section

Generating Scan

  • Navigate to the Scan tab
  • Enter the density value to equal ‘1’ for generating a full density scan.
  • Press Start
    • If stitching and geo-referencing the imagery has been queued up or completed, a dialog box will ask if the user wants to also have the scan colorized.  Select yes to have this done, otherwise select no.