MAGNET Field: Robotic Configuration

How to create a robotic configuration in MAGNET Field.

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MAGNET Field: Robotic Configuration

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Access Survey Configurations

  • Select Configure >> Survey

Create Robotic Configuration

  • Under Optical Configuration choose Select from Library
  • Select Add


Create Robotic Configuration

  • Give the configuration a name such as GT BT
  • Choose Robotic for the Type
  • Select Next 


Choose Instrument Model

  • Select Topcon for the Manufacturer
  • Choose the Model such as GT-1000
  • Select Next 


Select Communication Method

  • Choose the Initial TS connection as Bluetooth TS
  • Select Next


  • Choose Search/Track parameters, as desired
  • Select Next

Configure Tolerances and Prism Types

  • Choose desired Meas Method and Tolerances
  • Select Next
  • Choose Meas Type for desired data type
  • Choose Target Type of Prism
  • Choose Foresight and Backsight prism models
  • Select the green checkmark button in the top-right three times to finish, or proceed through the remainder of the configuration screens to establish personal preferences.