TSshield: Activate Equipment

Steps and accompanying video on how to activate TSshield on your total station. 

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TSshield: Activate Equipment

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TSshield provides remote security and maintenance options for your total station.  This service is included with the purchase of the total station and comes standard.
Protect your assets
TSshield can protect your assets by disabling the total station remotely if lost or stolen.
Keep up to date
TSshield will send a notification to the total station when a new firmware update is available.
Manage devices online
TSshield will track which project the total station is on and how many hours it has been used.


Gather Equipment Information

Make note of the following information from the total station for registration on TS shield:

  • Model:
  • S/N:
  • ID Code:

Bypassing the registration by pressing the “demo” button without entering the activation code will regularly send a notification on the display to register the product on TSshield.

TSshield Login

Create or log into an existing TSshield account. 

New accounts:

  • Press “New Registration”
  • Read and accept the license agreement
  • Enter email address for the account registration
  • Click on the link in the email
  • Enter required user information
  • Enter instrument information
  • Review and confirm registration information

Existing accounts:

  • Enter registered email address and password
  • Click “new registration” and enter the total station                                                                                                       information.

Activate TSshield

Online activation:

  • Power on the total station
  • Press the “Confirm” button to register the total station

Offline activation:

  • Input the activation code received from the registration email.
  • Enter the activation code
  • Press the “Act. CD” button