GNSS Technology for OEM Applications

Take your accuracy and performance to new levels with the next generation of GNSS technologies, featuring a full range of GNSS Antennas and telemetry. Topcon provides core GNSS technologies, products, and software packages for custom OEM applications and design-in needs.

A truly global solution, Topnet Live from Topcon provides correction service anywhere, with the combination of global precise positioning (PPP) and regional GNSS reference networks. The technology behind Topnet Live provides a high degree of accuracy, giving you centimeter-level precision.

Technology & Features

Advanced Satellite Positioning

Feature-rich technology enables our products, and yours.

As the original pioneer of dual-constellation and G3 triple-constellation integration, Topcon continues to deliver sophisticated GNSS receiver technology and designs.

Superior Performance & 24/7 Support

With our laser focus on perfecting ever-changing positioning technology, we will help your company and your customers’ companies grow and thrive.

Our advanced satellite positioning technology includes GNSS sensors, antennas and data links, and telematics applications to hone your competitive edge.

Easily Integrated Technology

From GNSS sensors, to antennas and data links, we have solutions that give you a competitive edge.

Topcon has developed embedded algorithms and receiver designs to ensure robust GNSS technology offerings in the market today. With our team of integration experts, we can ensure you get both the technology and product support you need to succeed.

Workflows & Automation

We take pride in being a pioneer in 3D machine control and integrated GNSS receivers—and in our 80+ years of experience creating optical measurement systems.

Our products and technologies strip away the complexities of precision measurement, imaging, automation, and workflows and make it quick and easy for our customers to realize the benefits.

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Industries & Applications

Topcon helps businesses in a diverse range of industries take on their toughest satellite positioning technology challenges with unparalleled experience and expertise. Here are just a few markets we work with regularly.


Eliminating on-site base stations, Topnet Live is increasingly used in high-profile construction projects. Large highway construction projects, airport runways and machine control operations all benefit from the reliable accuracy and performance of Topnet Live GNSS reference networks.


Topnet Live networks deliver consistent, high-precision positions to agriculture machines used in applications across the crop cycle. These include soil preparation, seeding and crop care. Equipped tractors, sprayers, spreaders and harvesters benefit from fast initializations and reliable positioning, any time of the day (or night).


Topnet Live delivers high accuracy positioning to professional surveying and engineering applications such as land surveys, engineering surveys, GIS and mapping. Topnet Live removes the need for individual base stations, dramatically increasing production and safety.

OEM: System Integrators

Topnet Live is a global positioning correction service for system integrators, product designers and OEMs. It is ideal for scalable precision GNSS positioning needs for applications such as automotive, industrial and IoT autonomous robotics.

Why Topcon?

Technology Strategy

Our team works with with yours to develop custom strategies, market analyses, user research, and integration plans that leverage our experience in technology development and product design.


We design products and technologies that integrate with both new and established equipment lines and meet customers’ technology and equipment needs around the world.


Don’t need a fully customized product? Our proven positioning components may fit the bill. We offer a range of rugged, high- performance GNSS boards, receivers, antennas, telematics modules, plus sensors and measuring devices.

Global Perspective

Our research and engineering centers span the globe to meet our OEM customers’ ever- changing market needs, wherever they are in the world.

Products & Technologies for OEMs:

Whatever your positioning needs, Topcon offers a wide spectrum of technologies ready to deliver industry-leading features to your product or custom application. Explore our range of products by category below:

• GNSS for OEM
• Office Software Solutions
• Agriculture GNSS

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High Precision Full Wave GNSS Antenna

GNSS reference station receiver

Compact B210 receiver board
HiPer VR
HiPer VR

High Tech, Versatile GNSS receiver

Full-wave choke ring geodetic antenna
Rovers and Base stations
Rovers and Base stations

GNSS receivers for survey and construction applications

High-end geodetic antenna

Geodetic Campaign Antenna
MR-2 Modular GNSS Receiver
MR-2 Modular GNSS Receiver

Flexible Modular GNSS Receiver

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