3D-MC: Adjusting Working Window

Lear how to adjust the working window.

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3D-MC: Adjusting Working Window

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Automatic Control Working Window

  • The Topcon 3D-MC software has a built-in safety feature for the elevation that will not allow the automatics to engage if the implement being controlled is outside the preset .40' (123mm) working window.
  • This can be identified by the lower value in the Elevation Control Button. Once the value is within .40' (123mm) the automatic hydraulic controls will engage.
  • The Slope side does not have a working window and will always attempt to drive to grade when switched to auto.
  • This .40' (123mm)working window is adjustable for Dozers only. 
    • Under “Control” select “Blade Calibration” then select “Working Window
  • With a Dozer configuration both the elevation and slope automatics are engaged with a single Auto/Manual switch.
  • When the Automatics are engaged the icons on the bottom right of the Elevation/Slope Control Buttons will illuminate with a red Auto indication.
  • An Auto with a line through indicates the machine is outside the working window or outside of design.