3D-MC: Elevation Control Button

Learn how to use the information found under the Elevation Control Button.

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3D-MC: Elevation Control Button

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Elevation Control Button

  • The Elevation Control Button displays the cut/fill readings and the cut/fill offsets for the elevation of the blade or implement.
  • It also indicates the status of the connected sensor with graphics, informational messages, and colors.  An X through any of the graphic icons indicates a problem.
  • Touching the Elevation Control Button will bring the operator to the Adjust Elevation screen.
    • Elevation (Left/Right edge) is displaying the elevation of the edges of the blade corners.
    • Elevation gain (raise/lower) adjusts the speed at which the hydraulics will respond to corrections.  Making adjustments will effect performance.
    • Elevation set point allows the operator to raise or lower the design elevation.
    • Match will set the elevation set point to on-grade at the current elevation of the GPS side of the blade.
    • GPS info will display additional information which can be helpful for advanced trouble shooting and will be covered in later lessons.  If running a system with two GPS antenna you will have two GPS info buttons, one for each GPS antenna.

Elevation GPS info

  • Within the GPS info additional information can be found which is typically only used during setup or trouble shooting.
  • Fixed Tab
    • The information found under the Fix tab provides the support tech with additional information regarding the health or status of satellites being tracked.
  • Position Tab
    • The information found under the Position tab provides the Northern/Eastern and Elevation of the implement.  The information may be displayed differently depending on the type of machine or other advanced setting.
  • Satellites Tab
    • The information found under the Satellites tab provides information on satellite locations.  The Mask angle defines when satellites on a low horizon will no longer be used in the position calculation.  In this example the Mask angle is set to 130 which can be identified by the red circle on the image.
    • Any Satellites bellow the 130 on the horizon will be displayed as black indicating they are not being used.
    • Blue dots represent GPS satellites and Red dots represent Glonass satellites.
  • Info Tab
    • The information found under the Info tab field tech with Receiver and Firmware versions along with Radio link health and a horizontal distance from the base station.
    • Reset receiver will force the receiver to be reset and can take up to 15 minutes before regaining a fixed solution.  This can be performed when the system appears to be having difficulty's maintaining a fixed solution.
    • Reset RTK forces the GPS boards to disconnect and reconnect to the control box.
  • Planning Tab
    • Provides an estimated precision for each day helping to better plan your grading project.
  • Advanced Tab
    • Provided the field technician with additional trouble shooting options.