3D-MC: Enabling GX-55 skins in simulation mode

Enabling GX-55 skins for simulation mode

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3D-MC: Enabling GX-55 skins in simulation mode

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This feature was added to 3D-MC in v12.2.340 released with the X-53x excavator system

Once 3D-MC has been installed, you will need to add a command line option to the program to launch with the correct skin.

Find the 3D-MC icon on your desktop.  Right-click on it and select Properties.

In the Shortcut tab, select the Target text box.

Add a space after the Controlbox.exe link and type in the corresponding line option AFTER the quotation marks.

  • -GX55FRAME for GX-55 in Topcon yellow
  • -GX55FRAMEDEERE for GX-55 in Deere grey

The command line option should be outside of the quotation marks for the location of the ControlBox.exe file. 

Make sure to include the dash before GX55 as well.

If the command line was entered correctly, 3D-MC should now launch with the GX-55 skin around the program window.