3D-MC: Project Options

Learn about File Project options.

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3D-MC: Project Options

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Copy Project

  • The Project is typically supplied by the engineer and contains all the site information required for the 3D system to function properly. 
  • To get started the operator will need to copy a localized project.  This is typically provided from the grade setter after they have localized the project using Pocket 3D.
  • Within the Projects option the operator can store multiple site projects allowing for easy access when moving from one project to another.
  • After touching the Projects tab the job files window will display all the current projects loaded into the control box.
  • The operator will touch to highlight the project to be the active project and select OK.
  • The Copy option is used to either copy an entire Project in or out of the Control Box.
  • The From pull-down allows the operator to define where the project is being copied from.
    • 3DMC folder is the internal location within the control box where all the files are stored.
    • D”or “external Harddrive” is the external USB port on the Topcon control box.
    • SiteLink3D inbox” is where projects are stored after being sent to the machine via SiteLink.  This option is only available if SiteLink has been installed on the machine.
  • In this example the Project is being copied form the internal 3DMC folder to an external USB.