3D-MC: Selecting Available Surfaces

Learn how to select available surfaces

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3D-MC: Selecting Available Surfaces

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Selecting Available Surfaces

  • The Surfaces option is where the operator can chose which surface will be displayed or visible on the screen.
  • All Surfaces that are selected to be shown will then be available to select as an active grading surface.
  • This helps to simplify things for the operator by only displaying the surface(s) that the operator will be working on that day
  • From the Surfaces option an operator can create a new surface as well as change the color of an existing surface.
  • There are three available surface types that are available within 3D-MC.  They can be identified by the icon found in front of the surface name.
    • TIN which is a 3D wireframe which may or may not contain line work that can be utilized for steering.
    • Alignment which are created from templates along a centerline profile.  Alignments will contain line work or alignment information that can be selected to steer to.
    • Plane surfaces which can be created within 3D-MC and can be flat, or have single or dual slopes.
  • TIN surface colors can be changed by the operator and can be identified by the color or the name.
  • This is important as you want to make sure your display background color isn’t set to the same color as your surface(s).