3D-MC: Setting Cut/Fill Elevations

Learn how to set cut/fill elevations using 3D-MC.

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3D-MC: Setting Cut/Fill Elevations

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Setting Cut/Fill Elevations

  • Adjusting your cut/fill values can be achieved in a few different ways depending on the type of machine your 3D system is installed on.
    • Soft Key increment/decrement arrows on control box front panel. 
    • Elevation Control Button
    • External increment/decrement buttons, if equipped.
  • The increment/decrement soft key arrows must be enabled.  The increment/decrement soft keys can be enabled on both the elevation and slope sides of the control box.
    • Elevation soft keys can be programmed to change the elevation by any amount each time the arrow is touched.
    • Slope soft keys can only adjust the slope value when the system is in 2D control.
  • To enable the increment/decrement soft keys follow the steps bellow.
    • Touch and hold your finger anywhere on the screen to bring up an additional menu.
    • Select the Set points option.
    • Select to enable the Left/Right set points.
      • The Increment option allows you to define the amount of elevation change each time the increment/decrement arrow is touched.
      • The Increment option will also work if using external increment/decrement switches.
      • The Increment option is for elevation only.
  •  To adjust your elevation offset through the Elevation Control Button touch the Elevation Control Button to access the Adjust Elevation screen.
  • Use the Elevation set point arrows to adjust your elevation offset.
  • Use the Set button then touch the elevation value box to bring up a Keypad where you can enter an elevation offset.
  • If the machine is utilizing the OEM joystick buttons to control A/M and grade, then the operator will have a third option to adjust their elevation offsets