3D-MC: Simulation Mode

Simulation mode commands for 3D-MC

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3D-MC: Simulation Mode

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Enabling Simulation Mode

  • Simulation mode can only be run if a valid machine builder is selected. 
  • Copying a machine builder onto your PC or created a default machine builder should cause the program to automatically attempt to connect.
  • While 3D-MC is attempting to connect, click on the GNSS antenna icon in the upper left corner.
  • Hit the Yes button when asked to run in simulation mode.
  • While in simulation mode, the machine will automatically default to being "on-grade".
  • In simulation mode, users will be able to access any any 3D-MC grading function.
  • Some function may not be available while in simulation mode:
    • Radio configuration
    • Automatics
    • Current GNSS and controller firmware versions
    • Machine calibrations such as Auto Valve Calibration, IMU calibrations, etc.
  • Users can also right-click on the screen to simulate press and hold functions on a control box.


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