Beef Tracker: Adding Ingredients

Feed Management Ingredients

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Beef Tracker: Adding Ingredients

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Ingredients List Quick Icon

  • Select the Ingredient list icon from the Quick Icons.



New Ingredient

  • The ingredient list is opened now. This screen may be empty if no ingredients are available. Water is a default ingredient and can not be edited.
  • Press the button New at the left bottom of the screen to add a new ingredient to the list.

New Ingredient Attributes

  • In this screen, you can fill in the basics of the ingredients you use. 
  • Display Name- 6 characters as appears on the indicator
  • Description- long ingredient name.
  • Dry Matter (%)- if using the dry weight of ingredients.
  • Press Ok to save the ingredient and repeat steps 2 and 3 as often as required to add additional ingredients.
  • Close the Ingredient List with the Close button in the right bottom.