Delta Link: Quick Start Guide

How to setup up your Delta Link hardware and configure for initial use. 

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Delta Link: Quick Start Guide

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Initial Setup

This article takes you throught the few simple steps to get your Detla Link unit up and running. The Delta Link comes with all required component including mounting kit, THP sensor and total station cable. All the user has to do is to install the SIM card if used.

Step 1: Install the SIM card

  • Take the Delta Link out of the box and do not connect any power source
  • Use the provided hex-key to open the lid. Carefull when lifting as the lid is connected with an earth wire to the box for safety reasons
  • Insert your SIM card into the SIM holder and lock it in place, see picture for location. Only standard SIM cards are accepted (H x W = 25x15mm) Standard SIM card are sometimes also called mini-SIM.
  • Close the lid again, taking care of screwing down the lid in multiple passes so to equaly tighten each screw. This will ensure the IP65 raiting is maintained


Step 2: Attached all connectors

  • Connect all supplied components to the Delta Link box. The Delta Link kit comes with a rewireable AC mains connector but you can also order a power cord with a connector suitable for your region. This power cord should only be used for setup purposes in the office.
  • Don't forgot to also connect the backup battery box itself
  • If all connections are made properly the Delta Link unit will boot automaticaly. This can be checked by searching for a Wi-Fi network with a name that contains the last 6 digits of your Delta Link serial number

TIP: As there are many connectors on the Delta Link, connect first the bottom row, then the top row and the AC mains as last

Step 3: Choose your connection method

Decide on what method you use for connecting, the easiest is Wi-Fi direct (WLAN) or ETH direct (LAN). At this point the web-protal connection would only be available if you connect the Delta Link to a wired network with internet access.


  1. Connect via SSID (network key of your Delta Link box is located on the back of the box (e.g. DeltaLinkMgmtXXXXXX where XXXXXX are the last 6 digits of the serial-number of the unit)
  2. Default password to connect to the Wi-Fi is 33dlwlandefault (can be changed later)


  1. Connect an ETH cable
    1. Either directly to the Delta Link unit  (prefered for fisrt time setup)
    2. into your company wirred network
  2. Check if bonjour printer services is installed and working on your computer, we use this to be able to find the Delta Link. How to check if bonjour is installed can be found at the bottom of this article

NOTE: After the first startup, the regional settings should be checked in LinkConfig to ensure the Wi-Fi settings comply with your region

Step 4: Connect to the Delta Link

As mentioned in step 3 at the first time setup you can only use the web-portal control if the Delta Link is connected to a internet enabled wired network. Otherwise you will have to use a VNC viewer, Topcon recommends Tight VNC and this is freely available in the internet.

Using VNC viewer

  1. Start the VNC viewer and as server address type one of the following:
    1. for Wi-fi direct connection: (this does not require bonjour printer service to be installed)
    2. for LAN connection: DeltaLinkXXXXXX.local where XXXXXX are the last 6 digits of the serial-number of the unit
    3. Continune with Logon below

Using Web Portal

  1. use a HTML5 compatible browser and navigate to the DeltaLink web-portal
  2. Login using the detail as found on the Quick Info sheet that came with your Delta Link
  3. click on the connection that ends in 'VNC'. A new window will open
  4. Continune with Logon below


  1. Now you are connected there is a password prompt. Default is: dlvnc (it might be changed later)
  2. The Delta Link interface will load and you can now configure the unit using LinkConfig

Bonjour printer service

For local connections, using LAN or direct LAN, the Delta Link is making use of the bonjour printer service. This allows your computer to find and talk with the Delta Link without having to know it IP address.

Have iTunes on your computer?

  • No worries, the service is installed

Manual checking

  • Open windows Task manager and go to ‘Services’. Now find ‘Bonjour Service’ and check that it is running. See image

Need to get it?


  • Visit the Apple website and download the Bonjour Print services application