Delta Link: Update to application set 1.3.x

How to update your Delta Link from application set 1.2.0 to 1.3.x

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Delta Link: Update to application set 1.3.x

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This article describes the workflow for updating your Delta Link unit to application set 1.3.x. If you already have LinkConfig 1.3.0 or higher running on your Delta Link unit than you would need to follow the general Delta Link update process. Application set 1.3.x has some enhancements that require a slightly different update process than normal. This is what is described in this article. Ensure that you have read the preparation section and followed any advice in there to ensure a smooth update process.

After the update your Delta Link will continue to operate as before as long as the new license agreement is accepted for the use of the Delta Log control program.  

What is new

Below a list of improvements and new features of the software included in this update.

  • Delta Log
    • Improved total station control and error handling
    • Hardware monitor function moved to LinkConfig
    • Settings for Environmental data logging of THP sensor moved to LinkConfig
    • Measurement settings moved to Settings dialog
    • DeltaLink shutdown threshold setting moved to LinkConfig
    • Option to change unit between 2 choices
      • GON / Degree Celsius /  metre
      • DMS / Degree Fahrenheit / feet
    • Station information file added with extension STNI, this CSV file contains information and statistics of each round of observations
    • Minor improvements for user feedback and entry validations on various places
    • Power cycle button from ‘Hardware monitor’ moved to Settings.Tools & Info


  • LinkConfig
    • Mobile modem
      • password is now optional when a username is specified
      • Firewall, default is OFF but can be toggled by user
    • Hardware monitor
      • Function move from DeltaLog to LinkConfig
      • Added toggle function to display temperature in either Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • FTP upload
      • FTP and FTPS options
      • Custom port configuration
    • Control unit information file added with extension CUI, this CSV file is generated hourly or on certain events. It contains mainly information as can be found in the Hardware monitor dialog
    • GPIO SW12Volt port status is made non-volatile
    • Environmental logging interval setting moved from Delta Log
    • Custom password allowed for user ‘dl’


  • FTP uploads
    • Added support for FTPS uploads
    • Allow custom port configuration
    • Restart failed uploads directly after reboot overruling automatic retry and wait routines
    • Changed the name of the ftp test file to be unique for each Delta Link unit


  • Operating system
    • Installation of all operating system, package and security updates
    • Implementation of firewall function
    • Implementation/improvement of watchdog services
    • Add support for FTPS
    • Improved memory management functions


For the preparation and upgrade process we assume the user is familiar with the normal operation and control options of the DeltaLink unit with regards to using the web portal and/or VNC connection, or establishing a communications link.

The update to application set 1.3.x can be done if your LinkConfig version is 1.1.2 or higher. Once updated it cannot be downgraded to a version below 1.3.0. Your user settings and monitoring data will not be lost in the process as only operating system and program updates are made.

  1. Check you have received your specific update details for the update server. These will be server address, username and password.
  2. Ensure your Delta Link unit has internet access and you can connect to it via your preferred method. If the Delta Link unit is remote and you can reach it using the web portal than you are okay. If you do this in an office environment, you will need to connect the Delta Link to the network using the ETH port and a cable. The Wi-Fi cannot be used for this process. To check if the internet access is working simply use the web-portal to connect to your Delta Link unit.
  3. Check the current version of LinkConfig, this needs to be minimal v1.1.2 and have the <Update> tab, see picture. If not please contact technical support for advice.
  4. Schedule your update time
  5. For the update process to run smoothly Delta Log needs to be shut down and thus the total station cannot be operated. It is therefore advised to choose a time when the total station is not being operated or when cancelation of an active monitoring session would have the least impact on the system. The actual update should take less than 10 minutes and if scheduled correctly the station might be ready to starts its next round of observations on schedule. If the unit is on a slow mobile network then schedule the update at a time when you expect the best performance from the mobile network.
  6. Read through the rest of the update instructions before starting the procedure

The Update

Step 1

       Connect to your Delta Link using your preferred method


Step 2

       Navigate to LinkConfig.FTP tab

  1. For ‘FTP Settings:’ select ‘Software Update’, see #1 in picture
  2. Click on [ Edit ]
  3. Enter the supplied update server information, see #2 in picture.
    1. Server Address
    2. Username
    3. password
  4. Click on [ Save settings ]

Step 3

       Navigate to the LinkConfig.Update tab

       a. Click on [ Check for Updates ]

       If successful there will be a message in the Status area indicating ‘Remote file list updated.’

        b. Under ‘Current Software’ in the table on the left select ‘LinkConfig’. The screen should now look like in the picture

       c. Select version 1.3.5 under the ‘Remote’ section and click [ Download ]

          Once downloaded LinkConfig version 1.3.5 is now visible under the ‘Available’ section. See picture

       d. Under ‘Available’ select 1.3.5 and click on [ Install ]

          The new LinkConfig will now install itself and then asks the user to: Close and restart LinkConfig.

       e. Click [ OK ] and close LinkConfig

       f. Restart LinkConfig, either by double clicking on its icon on the desktop or via the drop-down menu in the top-left corner of the screen. After the restart all applications will be automatically downloaded and installed. If an application is already current then it will be skipped. It is possible that during the process the user is asked to close Delta Log. LinkConfig will display a dialog, similar to the picture on the right, with traffic light system to indicate its progress.

       g. If everything went well the update process dialog will close and LinkConfig 1.3.5 will start again. The Software might indicate a restart is required, if so do perform this to complete the process.

       h. Under the tab ‘LinkConfig.Update’ you can check the currently installed software. It is possible that an application is updated but there is no entry for it under ‘Available’. In this case it is possible to simply download the software to have it all complete.

       i. Below a list of the software versions as now installed

Item Version
Delta Log 1.3.1
LinkConfig 1.3.5
Modem Checker 1.3.4
Clock setter 1.3.0
FTP Data Uploader 2.0.4
FTP tester 3.0.1
Time Synchroniser 1.3.0
Modem connection Script 1.0.0
Patch Update 1.0.0



Step 4

After LinkConfig has been updated DeltaLog might already have been launched. If not then start DeltaLog by clicking on its desktop icon or via the shortcut in the drop-down menu in the top-left of the screen.

NOTE => As this is a new version you need to accept the license agreement for Delta Log again before operation can continue.


Step 5

Check that Delta Log has started correctly, if it needs to be monitoring ensure that it is in monitoring mode and the next start time is displayed in the status area.

Step 6

Finished. It is advisable to re-check for updates as it is possible that new versions have been released. The process is similar as described here or you can use the ‘Delta Link - General update process’ document. After completion you can disconnect or shutdown the Delta Link unit.


In the rare occasion that the update process does not complete there are only few things that you can check and do to correct it.

During the update process the dialog with the traffic lights should all show ‘green’ and installed. If one of them fails it is most likely due to internet connection issues. Some of the updates do need an internet connection to not only the update server but also to an online resource for system updates. In rare occasions it is this connection that is either slow or momentarily not available. If this happens it is simple a case of waiting some time and then trying again.

If the unit is in the field and you are performing the update remotely you already have a working internet connection so a retry is all that is possible.

If you are updating the unit in the office by using the wired LAN than please check the cable and connection.

If after some time and one or more retries your Delta Link is still not updated then please contact your local technical support

Q & A


After the update I clicked on [ Check for Updates ] again and newer versions showed, what is happening?


The application set 1.3.5 update, as described in this document, has some major changes which require a slightly different process. It is possible that when you apply this update Topcon has already released newer versions of some modules. As these are not part of the 1.3.5 update process they would need to be installed separately. Please follow the ‘Delta Link - general update process’ for these updates.