GC-35: Basic Functions

Get to know the basic functions of the GC-35 (9259) Control Box

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GC-35: Basic Functions

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Front Panel

  • The GC-35 control box is currently only available with Paving code.
  • The front panel has all of the features of the System 5 - Single (9256) control box 
  • Two Menu selection buttons have been added for easier access to the calibration and technical menus 


External Housing

  • The GC-35 has an external USB port for updating firmware
  • Only one Jaw Mount is available, but new Brackets have been designed to accommodate the single-sided mounting
  • The cable connectors are mounted on the side of the housing


Display Features

Brief overview of the control box buttons and other features

GC-35 Display


  • A color display has been added for better visibility
  • The Display can now be configured to show the current reading of the box being adjusted as well as the opposing box on the other side of the machine
  • The Cross Talk option can be used to make adjustments to the opposing control box.
  • Configurable Display
  • The  Menu/Set button is now used to adjust the Setpoint value and calibrate the Slope value. It also allows for direct access to the Calibration and Technical Menu options
  • The " Arrows" button allows for Cross Talk communication to an additional GC-35

Performance Menu - opening and setting

Performance Menu

Tech Menu

  • Not all options are available in the Performance Menu

See the GC-35 Quick Reference Guide for further details.