HiPer HR: PowerBoard Firmware Loading [VIDEO]

Loading Hiper HR Power Board Firmware

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HiPer HR: PowerBoard Firmware Loading [VIDEO]

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Updating the Hiper HR Powerboard firmware

  • Connect the Hiper HR to your PC using the MicroUSB to USB cable. 
  • Is it not recommended to do this update via WiFi or the serial cable because it can take longer. 
  • Select Device>Application Mode>Firmware Loading.
  • Under "Connect Using" select "Serial Port". 
  • Select "USB Serial Device (COM3)" as the port name.
  • Leave "secondary receiver" unchecked. 
  • Click "Connect". Once connected, "COM3" will appear on the bottom right corner.
  • Using the dropdown menu, select Power Board. 
  • Select One file (.tfi). Do not worry about the "Requires Flash Card" message under the Firmware Image format. The Hiper HR comes with an 8GB internal SD/SDHC memory card.
  • Click Next
  • Leave the Serial Port Settings as they are. Click next.
  • Select .tar file. There is no need to unzip it beforehand.
  • Once you have selected the file, click "Next". 
  • Leave the HIper HR connected to power and the PC. While updating the satellite light will flash green and yellow and the internal battery light will flash green and red. 
  • Wait until all the MINTER lights flash white and the receiver powers on normally. If this process is interruped, the firmware can get corrupted.