MAGNET Collage: Export Orthophotos

Simple workflow to export Orthophotos from the Point Cloud using MAGNET Collage.

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MAGNET Collage: Export Orthophotos

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Workspace Window

From the Workspace Window select the desired Project and right-click on the mouse.

From the Menu, select Export Orthophotos from Cloud Data.

NOTE: This function is also available in the Ribbon Menu by:

  1. Selection

  2. Edit

  3. Export Orthophotos from Cloud


Once you select the Export Orthophoto, a pop-up window will appear, asking to specify a rectangular selection mode.

Export Ortophotos

The Export Orthophoto menu allows user to define distinct options:

  1. File

    • Output path

    • Image Name

    • File Format

    • Background color

  2. Coordinates

    • Coordinate System

    • North/South limits

    • East/West limits

  3. Resolution

    • Ground sample distance

    • Maximum width [Pixel]

    • Maximum height [Pixel]

    • Number of images

  4. Cloud resampling Density

  5. Add Orthophotos to workspace

  6. Adjust brightness


With the georeferenced Orthophoto, it is possible to import it to MAGNET Office and confidently vectorize topographical features.