MAGNET Collage: Importing Collage Data into Revit

Basic data transfer from MAGNET Collage to Autodesk Revit

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MAGNET Collage: Importing Collage Data into Revit

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Basic setup in Autodesk Revit

  • Start Autodesk Revit
  • Create a new project
  • Select Architectural Template as template file
  • Select OK


  • Select Insert
  • Select Point Cloud
  • Set Files of type to *.rcs
  • Browse to point cloud and select Open


Positioning is set to Auto – Center to Center. This means the insertion point of the point cloud matches the local origin of the Revit project

  • Select 3D view and check the imported results
  • Select the Project Browser and double-click the Site view
  • Click on the point cloud
  • The Modify group will appear on the ribbon
  • Select Rotate and rotate the point cloud to get a horizontal orientation


  • Create a horizontal Section in the middle of the point cloud
  • Adjust the Far Clip Offset of the section to see the extents of the bridge 
  • Go to Project Browser and double-click Section 1 to display 


  • Adjust your levels to match basic elevation levels of your point cloud
  • Go to Architecture -> Datum -> Level to create additional levels, if needed