MAGNET Collage: Set point cloud transparency

MAGNET Collage can colorize the point cloud in different way. Learn how to change the transparency value for the point cloud.

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MAGNET Collage: Set point cloud transparency

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Scan Color

MAGNET Collage can colorize point cloud in distinct ways:

  • Intensity
  • Greyscale
  • Image
  • Elevation
  • Flat
  • Station

Workspace window

In the Workspace Window, select the desired project and then right-click to open the Menu. From this Menu, select Edit Color Range.

NOTE: Edit Color Range can also be accessed through the Ribbon Menu:

  1. Selection

  2. Edit

  3. Color Range

Set Transparency

On the last line of the Set Color Range window, a Transparency slide bar is available. Use this bar and slide it until you achieve the desired transparency value.

Setting the transparency as 100% will make the point cloud invisible, although it will remain active in the project.