MAGNET Collage Web: Exporting features

Collage Web supports the creation of custom feature data. Users can define their own categories with a custom attribute list, and use them to create layers where extracted features are stored. These layers can be exported to files in standard formats.

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MAGNET Collage Web: Exporting features

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Exporting features

After a feature layer is created, the geometry and attributes are stored in the Collage Web cloud database. The layer features can be exported to a file in the local computer, to be used in CAD, GIS and other software packages.

  • To export a feature layer, use the "Export layer" menu command.
  • In the Export Layer dialog, the export format can be chosen:

CAD Applications

  • For CAD applications, the DXF format is recommended. However, notice that this format does not store the Coordinate Reference System information and also does not keep the attribute information.
  • Autodesk products like AutoCAD and many other software packages accept this exchange format.

GIS Applications

  • For GIS and other software that supports coordinate system information and feature attributes, the Shapefile, GeoJSON or GML formats are recommended.

Google Earth

  • The KML format is convenient for quick visualization in Google Earth and other software packages, however, the coordinates will always be exported in the WGS84 coordinate system, the only one supported by this format.