MAGNET Explorer: Software Download

This guide will help on how to download MAGNET Explorer software.

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MAGNET Explorer: Software Download

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Software Download

  • The Topcon Account login screen comes up
  • Enter your MAGNET Enterprise credentials
  • Click SIGN IN


In case this is your first visit and you do not have a Topcon Account yet click on CREATE ACCOUNT. After filling out a short form you will receive your credentials via email.

  • Once logged in the myTopcon button becomes active
  • Click on GET TO WORK!
  • The myTopcon website opens
  • Click the magnifying glass on the upper right corner of the screen 
  • Type in "MAGNET Explorer" 
  • Hit Enter
  • Click on MAGNET Explorer and Modeler for Autodesk  in the Products section
  • The MAGNET Explorer and Modeler for Autodesk product page opens
  • Click on Firmware & Software Updates to access the download
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button next to the most current MAGNET Explorer version