MAGNET Office: Corridors (part 1 of 6) - Create a corridor

How to create a road corridor from horizontal and vertical alignments

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MAGNET Office: Corridors (part 1 of 6) - Create a corridor

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Corridor menu

The Corridor menu works from left to right across the ribbon.

The essential steps are

  • creating the corridor,
  • working with the alignment editor,
  • assigning templates,
  • side slopes and subgrades (if relevant),
  • applying elevations and widening (again if relevant), and
  • producing cross section volumes.

Corridor concepts

To keep consistency among manual roads, road design, and corridors, the same data set has been used.

Corridors is, in essence, "the best of both worlds" in relation to the other methods.

Essentailly it lives within the survey view and allows a user to update a design "on the fly" without switching views, as this series of articles will demonstrate. 

Creating a corridor

Navigate to Corridor > Create Corridor.

Effectively, this window can be left blank, as in no assignment of alignments or natural surface. These can be added later or created from the alignment editor and added to corridor settings. 

In the example shown, the project contains a horizontal and vertical alignment and natural surface which have been assigned.