MAGNET Office: Corridors (part 4 of 6) - Subgrades

Assigning road subgrades in the template editor 

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MAGNET Office: Corridors (part 4 of 6) - Subgrades

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Template settings

Within the template selection window there are two further options.

Settings controls the created DTM (digital terrain model) parameters. Subgrades allows a user to assign subgrade surfaces to the road, utilizing various parameters.

Corridor DTM settings

The DTM settings window defines the color for the DESIGN DTM. Here you can also choose to create road strings. You can select triangle/point spacing with the ability to add points at specific stations, as required.


Clicking on Subgrades will open the window shown.

This window is populated, summarizing the surface details. To add a surface, click Add.

Adding subgrade surfaces

When the window appears, you can do the following: 

  1. Enter a name for the surface.
  2. Select a color. 
  3. Write the DTM name.
  4. Enter the DTM thickness (note the units).
  5. Enter the extent across the template left and right that the surface is to run, for example, LEP,  REP, etc.


The next step is to say what surface this is relative to, as shown in the image. The Binding course surface is relative to the Wearing course. A tie slope can also be defined. 

It is a good practice, but not essential, to add the surfaces sequentially from the top down. Once they are all added, click OK.

Cross section view with updated subgrades

Once the surfaces have been added, the software will recalculate the cross sections, and the subgrades are displayed in the graphics.