MAGNET Office: Roads module (part 7 of 8) - Working with subgrades

How to assign subgrade surfaces to a design

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MAGNET Office: Roads module (part 7 of 8) - Working with subgrades

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Creating subgrade surfaces

Click in the CrossSection window, and navigate to CrossSection > Surface > Add

A dialog box will appear.

Type a material name, and select the surface type Subgrade radio button.


Navigate to CrossSection > Surface > Sequence to open the dialog box as shown.

The surfaces should always be entered from the top down sequentially, that is, below the design surface.

Assigning surface thicknesses

Navigate to Design > Subgrade Selection > Pavement Parameters.

In this dialog box, define the surface from the top down with a start station, thickness (project units), and the extent across the template that you want them to run, such as LEP REP.

Repeat for each surface. 

Creating subgrade surfaces

Navigate to Design > Compute Design.

The subgrade surfaces will now be generated.

They can be edited by selecting on the active surface as highlighted in the image and changing the surface color. Note: The Property toolbar must be enabled.

The design is now ready to be transferred to the survey view.