MAGNET Relay: Creating Session with HiPer SR

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MAGNET Relay: Creating Session with HiPer SR

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Project Scenario

Important.  Your project site must have cellular coverage.  If the project site does not have cellular coverage, you cannot perform a Relay session.

For hardware, you have a pair of Topcon HiPer SR receivers.  However, the project site is too large to use the LongLink method of communication between the HiPer SR receivers.  Therefore, you need to perform a MAGNET Relay session.

MAGNET Relay, definition and concept

MAGNET Relay is a service.  A service that provides the ability to connect your mobile base receiver to your cloud-based Company Account.  Once your mobile base receiver is connected, you can proceed with your normal everyday base start up process and RTK session.

On the rover side of things, you will log in to the same cloud-based Company Account, connect to the HiPer SR base receiver (mount point) that you just started, and instantly receive RTK corrections.

Note:  Performing a MAGNET Relay session with a pair of Topcon HiPer SR receivers is only possible with MAGNET Field or MAGNET Field Site data collection software version 2.0 or higher.

In order to perform a MAGNET Relay session, your cloud-based Company Account will need a MAGNET Relay license.  To purchase a MAGNET Relay license for your Company Account, log in to the MAGNET Enterprise website, click on the "Store" widget (blue shopping basket), and proceed with normal online purchase.

Mobile Base Hardware

  • Topcon HiPer SR+ with internal SIM for constant Internet connection

Rover Hardware

  • Topcon HiPer SR and internet-enabled field controller with an active Internet connection (via Wi-Fi or cellular)
  • Fully activated MAGNET Field software and an authorized license of MAGNET Relay within your MAGNET Enterprise company account. 

Get the Base Connected to Your Company Account

  • Open MAGNET Field on the Internet-enabled field controller
  • Create a new job
  • Create a GNSS hardware configuration using MAGNET Relay via the internal cell modem of the base receiver
  • Next, from the main menu, go to Connect >> Enterprise tab.
  • Log in using your MAGNET Company Account credentials (e-mail address and Enterprise password). Do not proceed until you are successfully logged in from MAGNET Field software.
  • Still in the Connections screen, migrate back to the left, to the General tab.
  • Select your custom MAGNET Relay survey configuration.
  • Tap the Connect button along bottom center of screen. ..this will start a series of automatic events.
  • A wireless Bluetooth connection is made from your field controller to the HiPer SR base receiver.
  • You then are logging in to your Company Account and verifying if your company account has a valid MAGNET Relay license. Don't touch.
  • When done, you will see a message at the bottom of the screen notifying that you can proceed with normal mobile base start up.
  • Go to Setup >> Start Base screen and start from the top of the screen and work your way down.
    • Point = Base1
    • Code = CP Control Point
    • Antenna Method = Slant (user preference)
    • Antenna Height = ??
    • Base Position = tap the "Read from Receiver" button to pull in an Autonomous quality position from the HiPer SR receiver
  • When ready, tap the Start Base button.
  • This will result in your mobile base receiver being "connected" to your cloud-based Company Account and waiting.
  • Disconnect Bluetooth connection to base receiver

Connect with your Topcon HiPer SR Rover

  • Power on the Topcon HiPer SR rover receiver
  • Bluetooth search for your HiPer SR rover receiver and connect.
  • Don't touch. A series of automatic commands and connections are done for you.
  • Success will be seeing that you have a Mount Point for your HiPer SR mobile base.
  • Select the presented Mount Point and tap Connect.
  • Verify that all is well by going to Setup >> Status >> System tab.
  • Success will be visually verifying that Radio Link is 100% and that Solution Type starts with Float and eventually goes to Fixed.