MAGNET Tools: Add contours to a surface

MAGNET Tools allows you to plot contour lines for an existing surface. These lines are displayed in Map View and 3D View

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MAGNET Tools: Add contours to a surface

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Contour lines

Contour lines are lines joining the surface’s points of equal elevation.

You can use contour lines to:

  • visualize the relief of the surface
  • detect and correct the surface created.

To add contours, go to View/Spatial/Contour lines

Contour Lines dialog

  1. From the Surfaces list, select the required surface.
  2. Tick the Enable contour lines for the surface checkbox.
  3. Review the contour lines parameters. If needed, change them. Parameters are described in the table below.
  4. Click OK.

Ploted contours

Review the ploted contours