MAVinci Desktop: Loading an Orthophoto and DEM

This section covers how to import an Orthophoto/DEM (in GeoTiff format) into MAVinci Desktop and overlay it on the Map View.

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MAVinci Desktop: Loading an Orthophoto and DEM

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Loading an Orthophoto/DEM

  • MAVinci Desktop allows the user to load and display their own previously generated orthophotos and DEM’s (in GeoTiff format) for a given area.
  • This can be useful when planning to fly in areas of rough terrain where a more accurate elevation model (than what MapBox or Bing is capable of) is required.
  • MAVinci Desktop is optimized to load GeoTiff files with the WGS84 datum (EPSG 4326) associated.
  • To load an orthophoto and/or DEM:
    • Right click on the lower left part of the Map Layer manager and select Load GeoTiff.
    • Navigate to the location on the user’s PC of the orthophoto/DEM GeoTiff files. Select Open.
    • Depending on the size of the files, loading GeoTiff files can take several minutes.
  • Once finished, expand the GeoTiff section of the map layer manager in the lower left of the screen and check on the content to be loaded.
  • Confirm the GeoTiff files have been loaded onto the Map View.