Pocket 3D: Creating Quick Codes

In Pocket 3D v12.2 and higher, we will now have the ability to create Quick Codes. Quick codes allow you to name all of the features/parameters of a certain shot and store them into one code so that you can access any time during the time of the project. 

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Pocket 3D: Creating Quick Codes

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Pocket 3D: Creating Quick Codes

In Pocket 3D v12.2 and higher, we now have the ability to create quck codes, similair to what we see in MAGNET Field. Quick codes give users the ability to define multiple parameters of a certain topo shot and save them so that the user can quickly choose between certain codes for the specific shot they need to take on the jobsite. This prevents users from having to redefine all their settings when they have to go and take different topo shots throughout a job site.

  • To start using Quick codes, from the main page of Pocket 3D we need to select 'Survey' > 'Measure pts' > 'Quick codes'
  • This next screen will show you your list of quick codes that you can select from. Since we have not created any, we will need to select the 'Add' button to create a new quick code and add to our list. 

There are a few basic options we can edit on this screen such as:

  • QuickCode Name - Gives our quick code a name to reference the shot we will be taking
  • Pt descriptor- Gives description to the shot taken.
  • Layer - Can define what layer you will want to store your taken shot when using this specific code
  • Assign pt. numbers - Will assign all shots with a point number 
    • can also change when you want numbering to start


  • We can edit more options by selecting the 'Adv' button. 
  • After selecting 'Adv' the user now has the ability to define certain attributes within the quick code. 
  • After defining all of the parameters for a quick code we can now go back to our list and select the specific shot we want to take. Thus preventing us from having to go back and redefine all of our parameters when we switch between taking two different shots with our rover on the jobsite.