Pocket 3D: Import/Export - Surface to a TN3 file

Exporting surfaces to a TN3 file

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Pocket 3D: Import/Export - Surface to a TN3 file

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A TN3 file is Topcon's proprietary file format for handling TIN surface data.

  • To export the TN3 file, go to Data > Surface > Import/Export > To Surface file...


When exporting to a TN3 file, you can only export a single surface file.  The program will allow you to select multiple surfaces, but the program will only export the last surface you selected.

  • In the Export Surface as field, hit the three dot button to define where the TN3 file will be saved.  By default, Pocket3D will save the file to the Topcon\3DMC\ folder on the data collector.  When saving to a USB drive, you will need to save to the D:\ drive or USBHardDisk, depending on the type of data collector you are using.
  • Once you have found the USB drive, hit the Save button.

*NOTE* If the file is being copied to 3D-MC, it is not recommended to create a folder for it on the USB drive.  3D-MC can not read into folders and the file will not appear in the import list.

  • Once you have chosen the destination for the file, hit Export to create the file.
  • Pocket3D should show the screen at the right if the file has been successfully exported.
  • If the message shows the file location as \Topcon\3DMC\, the file was saved to the internal memory of the data collector, not the USB drive.