Pocket 3D: Main Screen Overview

An overview of the main screen menus and buttons in Pocket3D

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Pocket 3D: Main Screen Overview

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Pocket3D is broken down into four menus and a handful of quick buttons to access common functions such as zoom/pan and GPS status.

Menu Buttons

Setup: Load unique equipment files, change antenna and radio settings and start a base station.  Can also modify project unit settings.

Data: Where the data used in Pocket3D is managed.  Projects, linework, control points, etc. can all be imported and exported from here.

Survey: Collects new data or stakes out the currently loaded data.  Can also be used to connect/disconnect from a GNSS receiver or total station.  Total station prism tracking is enabled/disabled here as well.

Display: Changes how the program looks and data is presented.

GPS Status

The status button shows the current status of the connected measuring unit.  Icons will change depending on what is connected.


A GNSS and radio antenna are shown

Total Station

A total station instrument and prism eye are shown.

An "X" over any icon indicates a connectivity issue with that device.

The button will change depending on Pocket3D's current status.

Zoom Functions

Info Button

This button gives information about the object or objects currently selected.

*NOTE* This button will only be available if objects are selected.  If nothing is selected, the button will appear white and can not be selected.

Cursor Button

This button can be toggled between four different modes:

  •  Pan: Moves around the job
  •  Select: Selects individual objects
  •  Polygon: Selects all objects within a user-defined fence
  •  Auto pan: Automatically moves the screen in relation to the user's position on the jobsite.

SiteLink Button

This button goes to the SiteLink3D setup screen.

*NOTE* This will only appear if the SiteLink3D option is enabled in Pocket3D.