Pocket3D: Polyline - Offset Polyline

Creating an offset to a polyline in Pocket3D. 

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Pocket3D: Polyline - Offset Polyline

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Step 1

Select the polyline, tap and hold on the screen. The option screen will appear.

Select Linework > Offset…

Step 2

Horizontal and vertical offset can be applied to a polyline.

Select the Horizontal offset and indicate with the red arrow the direction of the offset; left or right.

Vertical offset can be done in two ways:

  1. Selecting a vertical distance. Indicate the desired offset. With the red arrow choose the upper or lower offset regarding the existing position of the polyline.  
  2. Selecting a Vertical grade indicating the desired % of the grade. This option calculates the vertical offset regarding the existing polyline.


There is an option to create new polyline by selecting the Create new polyline check box.

Note: If the check box is not selected, the existing selected polyline will be deleted.


Add to Layer option will attribute the polyline to a specific layer:

  • Select an existing layer in the dropdown menu.


  • Create a <new layer> on the top of the dropdown menu .


For a selected polyline, the horizontal offset of 5 m was applied with a 2% grade vertical positive difference. New polyline was created and attributed to a new layer called Offset 2%.