Sitelink 3D: Setting up a Jobsite

Creating and configuring sites in Sitelink

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Sitelink 3D: Setting up a Jobsite

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Creating a New Jobsite

  • Select Menu >> Site Management >> Sites >> Add New Site.
  • Select Edit SIte Properties >> Add new Site.
  • Select Menu >> Site Management >> Sites to show the list of all jobsites created.
  • This is where you obtain the IP address and port for each site so you can connect your software to each specific site.

Uploading a Project File

  • Select Menu >> Site Management >> Project File.
  • Select Upload Project File.
  • This file will display on the dashboard and show the ariel view, cut fill maps, pass counts etc.
  • It must be a TP3 and contain WGS84 coordinates to display properly.

Adding New Machines

  • Select Menu >> Fleet Management >> Machines >> Add New Machine.
  • Edit the machine name and machine type.
  • Machines are created and selectable for the whole account. They do not have to be added for each jobsite and more can be added at any time.