SmoothRide Control: System Calibration - Paver

Calibrating paver settings for RD-MC applications.

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SmoothRide Control: System Calibration - Paver

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Paver Control Options

  • From the main menu, select the Control  tab to access the Screed options.
  • Here compaction values, Sensor compensation, and additional screed sizes can be set.


Paving Control Menu

  • Select Diff. Compaction % to enter the material compaction coefficient.
  • This value can be calculated or supplied by the lab. 

Paver Control Screen

  • Select Sensor Angle Comp. The default value is 25.
  • A calculated value may also be entered.
  • 25 is used in most applications for proper sensor position.


Sensor Angle Compensation

  • The sensor angle compensation is based on the amount of sensor movement relative to the amount of cylinder movement.
  • Sensor movement divided by cylinder movement equals Sensor Angle Compensation value.
  • The Default Value is 25% and is generally used.

Paver Sensor Calibration

  • From the main screen with a fixed position, start by selecting the Green Status Bar.
  • The following steps need to be done for both the left and right sides if thickness is selected for both in the Mode screen.
  • Confirm the Sonic Tracker is in the proper position                               
  • Paint a mark on the ground at the tracker position and Survey   the sensor at that location.
  • The Survey value will appear in both the Thickness, and the Calibrated thickness fields.


  • While in manual operating mode (Auto Switch in the off position), pull the paver forward to begin paving.
  • With a folding rule, measure the mat thickness at the mark painted on the ground where the sonic was surveyed.


  • Enter the actual cut depth value in the Calibrated thickness field and select Set to lock in the value.
  • Switch to automatic control.