Topcon ContextCapture: Project Creation and Data Import

This section covers how to create a new project and import photo blocks in Topcon Context Capture to be used to post-process collected UAS data.

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Topcon ContextCapture: Project Creation and Data Import

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Creating a New Project

  • After installing and authorizing Topcon ContextCapture accordingly, open the following on the PC:
    • Topcon ContextCapture Master
    • Topcon ContextCapture Engine
  • Select Project – New Project (or simply select new project… from the window in the middle of the screen).
  • Enter the project name and select the project location on the PC, once finished, select Ok.
    • Please note that if there are too many characters in the project location, the software will warn the user to shorten the path of the project.
      • Project locations are limited to 73 characters currently.

Data Import

  • In the newly opened project, select Block – Import Blocks.
    • The user can also select the Project Name from the left side of the screen and then select Import Block.
  • Navigate to the location where the *.xml photo block was exported from and select Open:
    • From MAVinci Desktop (for SIRIUS PRO) – located by default in the folder for the matching exported.
    • From AsTec Navigator (for Falcon 8/8+) – user defined *.xml file location
  • If a given project required more than one flight to complete, repeat this process as necessary to import all *.xml photo blocks to be processed.