TRU: How to change the data logging interval

Learn how to set the data logging interval on a GNSS receiver when using the MINTER Function key.

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TRU: How to change the data logging interval

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Connect to TRU

  • Open up the latest version of TRU. 
  • Select Device> Application Mode> Receiver Managing.
  • Select Connect.
  • In the connection parameters window, select the correct serial port and click connect. 
  • Select File Explorer.

Setting the logging rate

  • Select the Logs tab. 
  • The logs tab lets you view and specify individual settings on a log file.
    • For the HiPer II and HiPer V, you can only configure one current file, A.
    • For the HiPer SR, GR-5, and Net-G3A receiver, you can only configure two current files, A & B.
    • For the Net-G5 and HiPer HR, you can configure up to 16 files, A to P.
  • Right-click on the Log row and select Edit from the menu that appears. 
  • Set the Elevation Mask and data logging interval for when the MINTER Function key is pressed. The logging period can be set to the values from 0 to 86400 seconds, although the default is 1. Be sure that "Use for MINTER & AFRM" is checked. Unchecking it will ignore those specified log parameters.
  • AFRM Rotation Period shows the length of time for each log file for AFRM (Automatic File Rotation Mode). 
  • Click OK to apply the changes. 
  • Clearing the NVRAM will reset these parameters to the default values.