[WEBINAR] ProSeries: Maintaining MAXimum Dozer Performance (Q&A)

This is a relaxed and informative question and answer session at the end of the, preceding "Maintaining MAXimum Dozer Performance" webinar.  Several pro tips are offered as well as clarity to the technical topics that were previously covered.

For example:

  • Is there an adjustment you can make when cutting edges are changed? Or is a recalibration required?
  • Is the true body roll, the plane of the pivot point pin - side to side ?
  • If you do not have a true flat surface, do you need to project the mainfall slope from the pivot point to the blade?
  • Is there a ratio or some type of quick way to figure out how many degrees to correct the percentage?  ..to manually enter the heading in the wizard?
  • Does the system take into account for the grouser length? Grousers will sink in the dirt and not concrete / asphalt making the height from pivot point to the ground different, even though the install is the same.
  • How about collecting dozer calibration measurements with total station and perhaps relate to an Excel spreadsheet to make life easier?

..and more.

Total duration:  18:36

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[WEBINAR] ProSeries: Maintaining MAXimum Dozer Performance (Q&A)

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Total duration: 18:36