[WEBINAR] ProSeries: SmoothRide software workflows and pro tips

The Topcon SmoothRide solution utilizes the two software products of MAGNET Collage and MAGNET Office Site with Resurfacing. This session demonstrates the key steps of taking point cloud data from an RD-M1 session, processing within MAGNET Collage, and efficient methods of transferring into MAGNET Office Site software for detailed design. 

Also, a revised Trajectory Utility within MAGNET Collage software now combines all sensor data into hyper accurate positional information in a way that is specifically optimized to work with RD-M1 data sets. This results in 2x improvement of processing time with increased precision in non-optimal GNSS environments. 

This session is all about efficient SmoothRide software workflows and time-saving pro tips along the way.

54 min, 18 sec

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[WEBINAR] ProSeries: SmoothRide software workflows and pro tips

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Total duration: 54:18